Realogy and Amazon recently teamed up to launch a new real estate benefits program called TurnKey.

TurnKey is a new homebuying program created in collaboration with Amazon. It aims to make the process of searching for, buying and settling into a new home much easier, as well as to help put our brokers and agents at the centerfold of this process in order to generate a higher volume of successful leads and transactions, and to foster stronger, more lasting relationships with consumers.

Turnkey currently is available to eligible homebuyers within an approximately 50-mile radius of the following 15 markets:  San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA.; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL.; Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, TX; Seattle, WA; Phoenix, AZ.; Atlanta, GA; Tampa and Orlando, FL; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; and Charlotte, NC. As we build out in these markets and get a better understanding of the consumer needs and wants across the country, we plan to expand the program.

In the weeks since Turnkey was launched, it’s amazing to see the effect the introduction of this  program has already had, not only on the competitive position and perception of Realogy (and of ERA!), as a challenger in the industry—there have already been over 400 articles, 200 broadcast segments and radio spots in 20 major markets across the country all touting the TurnKey program—but also to see the effect it has had directly on the agents and brokers who have already started using these programs within their markets.

The below are first-hand accounts from ERA brokers and agents who are already starting to see success with TurnKey:

“We have received 6 leads so far and all the feedback from the agents has been very positive – it’s creating so much buzz in our company right now! We are the only brokerage that can offer this service in two different counties in our area, so our agents are really looking forward to utilizing the program. We’ve got a very good success story going on right now as one of our first leads is looking to purchase a home for over $2M! Our agent is now previewing properties for the buyer and will hopefully be going under contract soon.” – Megan Peterson, ERA Grizzard

“This is a win and everyone is thrilled! We are grateful for the exposure and the conversation this is generating, and we are excited about the direction and potential. I believe this is the kind of marketing buzz ERA has been seeking. We even have folks outside of our industry sharing the news, so it’s speaking to our consumer base too.” – Lauren Meadows, ERA Preferred Properties of Venice

“The huge potential coming from our affiliation with Amazon is obvious and we are very excited!” – Steve Doty, ERA Doty Real Estate

“All of my agents are seeing reference and are so excited. All positive feedback so far.” – Sarah Donahoe, ERA Donahoe Realty

Turnkey is an excellent addition to the suite of ERA’s tools and products that help make us uniquely us and differentiate us from any other brand. We look forward to expanding the reach of these resources across our network, and to hearing more success stories from those already using these new programs along the way.  If you’ve got a success story to share, please contact

If you’ve got a customer who is interested in participating in the Turnkey program, direct them to for more information.