As we all know, the life of a real estate professional is never dull. From open houses to countless phone calls and everything in between, we’re ever on-the-move. Luckily, this lifestyle also provides a good amount of comedic relief thanks to mishaps and surprises – here are some of our favorite TeamERA private showing adventures.

Box of…teeth?!

“I was showing a vacant house to buyers. They brought their two daughters with them, who are 6 and 4 years old. There was not one item in the house except for a small pink box on the kitchen counter, which of course caught the girls’ attention. Curious to see what was inside, they peeked over and, believe it or not, it was a pair of dentures! They were so freaked out that they haven’t joined their parents at a showing since.” – Briana Cahill, ERA Central Realty Group

Ding Dong Dog

“I recently had a buyer with another agent showing one of my listings – they took their dog with them. The dog closed the door and locked the agent and family out of the house with the key left inside. After frantically searching for a hidden key and not finding it – they sent someone through the dog door!” – Paula Sherman, ERA American Real Estate

The Sound of (Shower) Music

“I made an appointment to show a house and was told it was vacant as the seller had moved out of state. I arrived early and entered the home to turn on lights and get familiar with the place since I had not been in the house before. As I walked down the hallway, I began to hear music, but some people leave a radio on in vacant homes to make it seem like someone is still living there, so I continued down the hallway. When I entered the master bedroom I realized that it was NOT a radio, but a woman singing in the shower in the master bathroom! I sheepishly backed out of the house and called the listing company. It turned out that the seller had returned to the house for the weekend to retrieve possessions but had failed to notify them. Thankfully, everything worked out fine. The seller learned to notify her listing agent when she was staying at the house, and that buyer bought the house!” – Bill Price, ERA Martin Associates

Whooooo’s There?

“I was showing a home, which was supposed to be vacant, with a buyer in our Wine Country region. I opened the lockbox and walked in with my client behind me. I may have had one foot in the door when we heard shuffling coming from across the room, so we both took a step back and I yelled into the home, ‘Realtor!’  More shuffling. I knew it was an animal, I was just hoping it wasn’t a coyote. So I slowly peeked my head around the corner to find a full grown BARN OWL sitting on the countertop. Poor thing had been there several days. We were able to find a towel in some cabinets in the garage and we gently caught the owl and walked it to the front door and let it fly off. It was an amazing feeling in the end.” – Grattan Donahoe, ERA Donahoe Realty

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