Each year, Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to take the time to appreciate the people and things we are most thankful for. No matter who you are or where you live, it’s important to express gratitude towards those who make life just a little easier, both personally and professionally.

Real estate industry professionals in particular have a lot to be thankful for – from the homes they sell to the people who buy them, from the communities they live in to the team members they work with. This Thanksgiving season, we wanted to share some additional, unexpected ‘thank yous’ brokers and agents should consider doling out this year:

  • Your families and children: Not working the typical Monday to Friday, nine to five schedule can result in unavoidable personal and professional scheduling conflicts. While it’s important to express gratitude towards your family all year long, use the holiday season as an opportunity to thank them specifically for their patience and understanding of your complicated and somewhat unpredictable calendar.
  • Your administrative team: These folks help facilitate communications with potential customers, maintain schedules and event calendars, mail newsletters and other promotional materials, coordinate and monitor payments and pass along critical information to buyers and sellers, just to name a few of their daily responsibilities – be sure to recognize them for it!
  • Your staging and/or housekeeping team: Getting ready for an open house can be a fairly complicated task. Often times, real estate professionals enlist the help of a professional cleaner and/or staging expert to help optimize the property before potential buyers come around. Make sure to include these companies or individuals on your list of folks to thank before year end.
  • Your office neighbors and landlord: Real estate professionals do not work traditional business hours, which can sometimes be inconvenient for other companies in close proximity to your office who do. Make sure to thank your landlord for unlocking the building a little early for that 6 a.m. closing, and your neighboring office for the influx of customer traffic in your parking lot during the busiest day of the spring selling season.

Who else are you sure to thank for their support during the holiday season? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!