Generating leads on a regular basis is an essential part of having a successful real estate business. Knowing how to get those leads in the first place, though, is another matter. If you haven’t developed any tried-and-true methods of lead generation yet, you can learn a thing or two from fellow realtors.

Consider the following tips on generating leads in real estate to help your business grow strong:

  • Focus on search engine optimization (SEO). If you already have a real estate website, work on optimizing it for search engines. This means including certain keywords or phrases that home buyers and sellers are likely to search for online. When your website is optimized, it has a better chance of getting noticed by showing up on the first page of results.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. More and more home buyers are using their smartphone to search for available properties. Take advantage of this by making sure you have a mobile-friendly version of your website for them to use.
  • Use a data distribution network. This can save you a considerable amount of time and ensure that your listings end up on multiple websites. This provides you with more exposure than you would get from adding listings to one or two websites on your own.
  • Look into featured advertising options. This gives your listings top priority on advertising space online. If you’re already advertising your business on certain websites, you can dramatically increase the number of people who see your ad by paying for a featured advertising spot.

Generating leads in real estate doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. The tips provided give you some effective ways to attract more potential clients fairly easily.

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