Inman Connect New York begins tomorrow. This year, we’re thrilled to have two Inman Ambassadors from our ERA family – Rosemary Buerger of ERA Strother and Elza Hayen of ERA Wilder. Rosemary and Elza will be tweeting throughout the week, so be sure to follow them on Twitter (@rosebuerger and @ehayen, #ERAatICNY) to keep up with the latest news and views!

In advance of the conference, we connected with Rosemary and Elza to get their thoughts on their most highly anticipated ICNY moments. Here’s what our Ambassadors are most looking forward to:

Rosemary Buerger:

  1. Broker War Room – “My focus in 2015 is social media and how it can move our brand forward.  I’m excited to live tweet from the Broker War Room…to hear industry leaders’ thoughts on how they move their brokerages forward in varied markets. These are broker owners who are propelling the industry in innovative new ways.”
  2. Video – “I’m also curious how video is working in community and neighborhood settings. As I continue to build my business, I want to infuse it with neighborhood content. There is a session titled “How I used video to sell houses” that will fit nicely into what I believe agents should explore in 2015.”
  3. Connections – “Finally, I’m excited to connect with the people who attend ICNY. There are so many wonderful conversations to be had in the hallways. Last year I learned so much from conversations with fellow realtors, technology innovators and industry thought leaders. Making those personal connections and continuing to build them through social media is what it’s all about.”

Elza Hayen:

  1. Rupert Murdoch – “I have so many questions for our keynote speaker I don’t even know where to begin. I want to understand the thinking behind the syndication changes and how Murdoch expects this to help consumers and our industry. And why NOW?”
  2. Video Marketing Sessions – “We know that visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, so marketing real estate using video and other media is a must. I’m looking forward to filling my media toolbox with great tips, topics and ways to sell homes and sharing the wealth with my company and our brand as a whole.”
  3. 3 R’s (Recruiting, Retention, Resourcefulness) – “These are the topics, along with training, that I plan to explore through multiple sessions during ICNY. My focus is on helping our agents, company and brand succeed through recruiting great agents, enhancing education and training programs and utilizing new tools and technology to move the needle in the right direction.”

Are you going to Inman Connect in New York? Tell us what you’re most excited about in the comments section! Click below to follow our Ambassadors on Twitter, and follow along with #ERAatICNY throughout the week so you don’t miss out.



Photo: via Inman News