Abysmal weather can put a damper on your business activity and play havoc with the entrepreneurial spirit – especially when it comes to operating your real estate business. An unexpected turn in the weather could lead to cancellations for listing appointments, open houses and showings – just to name a few. Bad weather could force you to stay home and get distracted by household chores.

Here’s a few tips we crowdsourced from our ERA® affiliated agents that can prevent you from “circling the drain” and losing your enterprising mojo!

1. Leave the house and go to the office

Charl Cilliers from ERA Evergreen Real Estate said quite succinctly, “Go to the office.” You could go to a local coffee shop to get work done, but the office is typically the most ideal location. It’s not just a physical space – it’s also an environment that will help you get into the most productive headspace possible for your business. At the office you could find opportunities to network with other affiliated agents and learn from your broker and their support team.

The office is a space for real estate professionals to share knowledge and experiences, to elevate one another, and to grow their business by becoming more productive. Spending more time at the office – especially on a rainy day – could turn into valuable business insights. Additionally, you never know when someone is going to bring in coffee and a box of donuts – the perfect rainy day pick-me-up! 😉 (Photo courtesy of ERA OakCrest Realty)

2. Find business-building opportunities through LevERAge

Brian Plaskon – platforms manager from the ERA Product Studio – presented LevERAge.era.com as an excellent brand resource to find business insights such as your scorecard along with live, virtual learning opportunities. “The Sales Associate Business Planning tool is one of our newest features. The tool will enable you to set goals and track toward them, which can be a great conversation-starter with your broker in terms of where you want to be at the end of the year. It can be found in the top navigation under the Business Marketing drop-down,” Brian added. “It’s a perfect rainy-day activity for a productive agent.”

A schedule of upcoming webinars exists on the ERA Learning Exchange, which can be found by clicking on Learning in the top navigation menu.

3. Get caught up in Zap

Zap is a one-stop-shop to manage your client relationships. ERA-affiliated agents can log in to Zap through the MyZap portal. Heather Tindall is a top performer at ERA Central Realty in New Jersey who says, “Get in Zap and start looking at scores to see who is active today. And contact them while they’re active.” Heather explained that by contacting a buyer or a seller while they are engaged allows you to connect with them while their mindset is actively on real estate. Being the first to answer their questions and help them advance their search positions you as the expert who is most ready, willing and able to serve them.

Put eloquently by Tracy Tidwell over at ERA TEAM Real Estate in Conway, Arkansas: “Reach out. It’s a snap with Zap.”

4. Follow up with prospects and past clients

“Plant more seeds,” said Frank Angelucci. An agent could reach out to past clientele to ask about what they thought of the move and if they have any upcoming renovation plans. Touch-points can be added value in maintaining a healthy business relationship, and those follow-ups are key in keeping the savvy professional top-of-mind for the next sale. If the client is showing signs that they’re ready to sell, perhaps put yourself out there: Bob Marcoux from ERA Dawson-Bradford Realtors says, “Call past clients to let them know how hot the market is if they have been considering a downsize or upgrade to their current home.”