In our industry, we constantly find ourselves running around – open houses, client meetings, networking events…the calendar is packed. Yes, technology keeps us connected while on the road and provides several organizational tools, but it can also divide our attention when we need to buckle down and get a project done. Therefore, it is extremely important that we stay efficient and productive when the time to sit down and get to work arises.

The below tips from (paired with our own tips on what works for us) are easy to incorporate into your daily lives. Try each a few times, and soon enough they’ll be second nature!

  1. Make your inbox work for you. Think of it this way: what would your email look like if it were a physical file cabinet? Would it be divided into clearly labeled, easily searchable folders – or would it be one big drawer overflowing with mismatched memos? If the latter, it’s time for an inbox overhaul.
  2. Maintain a to-do list. This one is tried-and-true, but the keyword is maintain, as in don’t just make it at the beginning of the week and chip away at it, but rather treat it as a living document throughout the week. Create a smaller list of priorities each day, including tasks that need to be accomplished in a timely manner, because setting unrealistic expectations of how much you can achieve in a day can make you feel defeated.
  3. Separate professional and personal emails. Creating folders or rules for your inbox that separate professional conversations from personal ones makes sifting through emails a much quicker and more efficient process.
  4. If it takes less than 30 seconds, just do it. Because putting it off will take you more time in the long-run!
  5. Take breaks. And do something totally different! Take an opportunity for a walk around the block or a few quick yoga poses to relax. Movement, fresh air, and friendly conversation can do wonders for clearing your mind and re-focusing.

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